Top 10 Best English Dance Songs 2017

For die-hard dance fans, there is often a lack of representation of dance songs on the main music charts, with hip hop, R&B, trap and pop tracks dominating the charts. The songs below are not just remarkable dance songs in their own right, they are also in the main charts. Dancing has always been a human culture and has some benefits such as weight management, increased aerobic fitness, improved condition of the lungs and heart, improves the mental functioning, and even psychological wellbeing. So for those who might hate hitting the gym and early morning jogging sessions well just dance in your room with the following….

top 10 best English Dance songs 2018

The top 10 best English dance songs 2017-2018 playlist.

10. Zedd ft, Liam Payne – Get Low

Russian producer Zedd teamed up with Liam Payne to create dance hit Get Low. Released on July 2017 through Interscope Records, the producer claims that the song is literally the definition of a summer song. According to him also, Get Low is the most urban song that he has worked on. Zedd also perceived that despite the song’s catchiness and current hype, it would get old after a while. However, he was very grateful to work Liam Payne who he said took the song in a different direction. The sexually-charged, dace record will have people sweating it out on the dance floor all night. The fans happen to agree with Zedd as the song peaked at number 11 in the US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs.

9. Calvin Harris – Slide

Scottish DJ Calvin Harris delivers yet another dance hit with Slide. The song has vocals from Frank Ocean, Quavo and Offset. The song Slide is the lead single from Funk Wav Bounces Vol1, which was released on February 2017. Slide is sultry and has elements of funk, hip hop, funk and R&B. It is a nu-disco song. Upon its release, the song was received with critical acclaim. Frank Ocean’s contribution was praised with critics stating that “his deadpan adds shade and nuance to the dayglo surroundings”. Migos’ Quavo and Offset who have previously been criticized by critics when singing trap music, are lauded for being the icing on the cake that is Slide. The music video has 29 million views on YouTube.

8. Marshmello – Silence

Electronic dance music producer releases Silence, on August 2017. The song features Khalid and was written by both of them. The dance track has been praised by most critics. Billboard described as a dance ballad that had potential to take the careers of both Khalid and Marshmello. Khalid’s soulful vocals are lauded and referred to as “impressive and booming” and “strong and emotive”. The track is thought to blend R&B with electronica. The song’s lyric video garnered 7,455,388 views.

7. Zara Larsson and Clean Bandit – Symphony

Swedish singer, Zara Larsson partners up with British classical band, Clean Bandit. the song is the third single from Clean Bandit’s second album while the track is Zara Larsson’s sixth single from her second album which was also released in 2017, So Good. The track peaked at number one in Zara’s homeland of Sweden. It also peaked at number one in UK and Norway. The song’s video currently has well over 390 million views on YouTube.

6. Jonas Blue – Mama

Mama was released on May 2017 and it features vocals from William Singe. The tropical song is about living life freely, having no responsibilities, having fun and adulthood. The song was number 4 on the UK Singles chart. It became number 9 on the US Dance Club Songs and number 10 on the US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs. The song’s video has over 200 million views on YouTube.

5. Zedd, Alessia Cara – Stay

Russian-German producer Zedd teamed up with Alessia Cara to record Stay. Stay is a dance track that was released via Interscope Records on the 23rd of February, 2017 while the official video was released on 18th of April, 2017. The song performed really well, peaking at number seven I n the US Billboard 100 and number 1 on the Mainstream Top 40. The song performed extremely well in the dance charts peaking at number one in the US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs. A romantic love song, the dance track was featured in the film Everything, Everything. It was also used in adverts for soft drink, Pepsi as it has the lyrics “drinking rum and cola”. On YouTube, the song has received a shocking 212,854,769 views.

4. The Chainsmokers – Honest

The Chainsmokers have been riding high on the wave of their bevy of hits. Songs like Something Like This are in the top 10 of the Billboard 100. However, they have not become complacent; they released a sweet ballad called Honest on July 2017. This song focuses on the impact that their fame has had on their past relationships. The lyrics “I’m supposed to call you but I don’t know what to say at all” show Taggart’s indecision about being faithful to his lover. This is their first solo, with no other feature from a recording artist. The song’s video has gained 7,944,485 views.

3. David Guetta – 2U

David Guetta is known widely for being the DJ and music producer that can work with virtually any artist from any genre. Trap, R&B, hip hop, dance hall, pop and reggae – you name it, he’s done it all. He has worked with the likes of Sia, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, Skylar Grey, Fetty Wap, to name but a few. The man has sold over 30 million singles worldwide. In 2U, he teams up with R&B crooner, Justin Bieber to deliver this pop record. The song peaked at number 4 on the US Dance Charts. The video garnered 189,314,870 views on YouTube.

2. The Chainsmokers and Coldplay – Something Just Like This

The electronic music duo teamed up with British rock band Coldplay to create Something Just Like This. This single was the second single from The Chainsmokers’ first album, Memories…Do Not Open. The track was Coldplay’s first single from their EP, Kaleidoscope. The electro pop song became number five on the Billboard Hot 100 and later peaked at number three on the same chart. It was number one on the US Dance chart and the US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs.

1. Calvin Harris – Feels

Calvin Harris released Feels off his fifth album, to critical acclaim. The lighthearted summer jam is the perfect dance track to listen to. The song features Katy Perry, Pharell and Big Sean. The song was praised mostly because of its instrumental work with the keyboard and guitar. It was also criticized for being “undercooked”. The song achieved plenty of success, being number 2 on the US Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Chart. the video of the song has over 153 million views.

The top 10 best English dance songs 2017 above are the best English dance songs this year, a fact that has been agreed upon by both critics and fans alike. If you have a party, or just in the mood to dance you already have a playlist here so get them in your playlist and jam along.

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