Top 10 Best Feel Good Love Songs Right Now

Sometimes life can be overwhelming, with its pressures and its unpredictability. Maybe you are having a hard time at work or fighting with your best friend or haven’t spoken to your mother in a week. A solution to do that would be to drudge through the day, tuned out to everything but your responsibilities. While this may work for a while, in the long run, it is just not beneficial.

best feel good love songs 2018

Sometimes all you need is a catchy, feel-good love song that helps you get out of your funk.

Here is the ultimate list of the top 10 best feel good love songs for 2017-2018.

10. Elbow – Trust the Sun

English rock band Elbow consists of Guy Garvey, Pete Turner, Craig Potter and Mark Potter. They band has worked together from the year 1990 but it wasn’t until the year 1997 that they took up the band name Elbow. The band specializes in indie rock, progressive rock, art rock and alternative rock. The band has seven albums which have all made it to the top of the British charts. In fact, seven songs have made it to the top of the British charts. The album that they released in 2017 is called Little Fictions and it peaked at number one in the British charts. Their love song Trust the Sun has soulful lyrics – “I just don’t trust the sun to rise/When I can’t see your eyes” that will bring you out of your gloomy mood. The song received well over 25,000 views.

9. Japandroids – True Love and a Free Life of Free Will

Canadian rock band Japandroids consist of David Prowse and Brian King. The former plays drums and vocals while the latter plays guitar and is on the vocals. Their music is a fusion of alternative rock, indie rock, noise rock, punk rock, garage rock, heartland rock and post-punk. Their first album, Post-Nothing made them famous among ardent rock fans. Their sophomore album, Celebration Album was received to critical acclaim. Rolling Stone even dubbed it one of the”coolest summer albums of all time”. Their song True Love and a Free Life of Free Will is a romantic song that still manages to be as hardcore rock even as its lyrics are smooth. This is a great feel-good anthem that will help you get back on track. The song garnered over 29,000 views.

8. The Courtneys – Silver Velvet

This is also a Canadian garage and pop band. The band consists of Sydney Koke who plays guitar, Courtney Loove, who plays guitar and is on vocals and Jen Twynn Payne who is a drummer. The band’s first album, The Courtneys, was released in 2013. The band has achieved moderate success, being the opening acts for names such as Mac DeMarco and Tegan and Sara. Their second album, The Courtneys II was released on February 2017 and it drenches fans with its nun-influenced pop. Silver Velvet is a sweet love song that was named after silver velvet that hung behind their drums. The song is very bubbly and light-hearted and will surely turn your frown upside down. The song has well over 118,000 views.

7. James Arthur – Say You won’t Let Go

James Arthur is a British singer and song-writer who rose to fame from being one of the contestants on X-Factor. He emerged ninth in that competition and has since gone on to release hit songs. James Arthur mostly writes and sings pop, soul, R&B, rock and hip hop and is signed to Columbia Records. His main influences are Kurt Cobain, Prince, Michael Jackson and Miguel. In September 2016, he released a pop track called Say You won’t Let Go. The song peaked at number one on the UK Singles Chart. This award nominated song is guaranteed to uplift your spirits even as it makes you think of your love. The song received over 448 million views.

6. Ryan Adams – Prisoner

In 2017, rock and alternative country artist, Ryan Adams, released Prisoner which was also the same name as his sixteenth album. The album was received with critical acclaim and peaked at number eight on the US Billboard Hot 200. The critics praised it saying that this album was Adams’ “most sonically artful albums”. Other critics called it “charming” and that it was a record that did not wallow in pain but healed wounds. Metacritic gave the album a score of 80, indicating that it moderately good reviews. The song Prisoner is a plea to his lady to “free his heart” and that he can “just taste the freedom outside the door”. It is a beautiful song to play when you are feeling low as it will instantly uplift your spirits. The song does not have an official video.

5. The Chainsmokers – Paris

The pop duo does not disappoint in this feel-good anthem which was written by Andrew Taggart, Fredrik Haeggstam and Kristoffer Eriksson and released in 2017. The track also has vocals from Emily Warren. The song achieved success, peaking at number 10 in the Billboard 100. It was also number one on the Billboard Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart. Critics however, criticized the record saying it sounded like it wanted to take more risks than it actually did. All the same, Paris will leave you energized and happy. The song’s video managed to get well over 277 million views which is extremely impressive.

4. Major Lazer, Nicki Minaj and Party Next Door – Run Up

Electronic band, Major Lazer teamed with none other than self- proclaimed queen of rap, Nicki Minaj and Party Next Door. The song is island-themed and has PartyNextDoor and Minaj using Jamaican patois. The perfect balance is achieved in this song when PartyNextDoor’s smooth crooning is paired with Minaj’s braggadocios verse. The song has received 55 million views on YouTube. The overall effect is a summer hit that everyone can party to. Turn on this song, it’s impossible to feel depressed.

3. Urban Cone – Old School

Rasmus Flyckt, Tim Formgren, Emil Gustafsson and Jacob William Sjoberg all make up Swedish indie pop band, Urban Cone. Their main genres are the aforementioned indie pop and electro pop. They have collaborated with other electronic artists such as John Dahlback and Tove Lo. Old School is a love song that also doubles up as a party song. The lyrics are as light hearted as they are romantic. The song was received moderately well by critics. The video for the song have surpassed 433,000 views.

2. All Time Low – Dirty Laundry

All time is a rock band that has seven studio albums, the latest of which, Last Young Renegade was released in 2017. Dirty Laundry was chosen to be the album’s lead single and was released on February 2017. It is basically a pop-rock song that has splashes of electronic music woven in. The song’s message is acknowledging mistakes done by both parties in a relationship and agreeing to move forward. It is about loving people for who they are and leaving the past behind. The song was praise for being “refreshing” and ‘exciting”. This party song will get you grooving in no time, even if you don’t want to. The video of the song has received over 3.3 million views.

1. Real Estate – Darling

Indie group Real Estate released Darling in January 2017 and it is truly a guitar masterpiece. Although, the track has been criticized for being “safe”, it is that predictability that makes Real Estate so good. Their sound is unchanging; you can rely on them to deliver smooth, balmy vocals and excellent guitar work. Darling is a love song that is up-beat and will get you out of your funk in no time. The video of the song has received well over 1.6 million views.

So, whether you’re feeling blue or are just having a plain, boring day, listen to these top 10 best feel good love songs 2017 jams and get your pick-me-up. There is no need of being depressed or just worried what type of music will you play when she comes by just do these best feel good love songs in 2017.

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