Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs

Planning a wedding is a hectic affair. What is meant to be a joyous occasion is preceded by stress, hair pulling and bride-zilla drama. The guests, the seating charts, the catering – all can make you want to shave every strand on your head. But of course you won’t seeing as you need a place to place the tiara, which you still haven’t chosen. Small things like the song for your first dance with the groom can be a nightmare.

Top 10 Best First Dance Wedding Songs 2018

Top 10 best first dance wedding songs 2017-2018 is a list of most viable songs to dance to with your husband-to-be in 2017.

10. Elvis Presley – Falling In Love

Can’t Help Falling In Love is a ballad that was recorded by Elvis Presley the song was featured in a film that Elvis Presley starred in, Blue Hawaii. The song has been covered by many artist: A-Teens, Tom Smothers and UB40, the last act’s version was a chart topper, staying at number one for over 7 weeks. The song has been featured in several films and television shows: Coyote Ugly, Lilo & Stitch, Honeymoon in Vegas, The Thing Called Love, Fools Rush In, Sons of Anarchy. As a first dance song, this is a nice choice as the song is a slow-tempo pop ballad that the couple can move slowly to. The song has more than 62 million views on YouTube.

9. Frank Sinatra – It Had To Be You

It Had To Be You was initially written by Isham Jones and composed by Gus Kahn back in 1924. Frank Sinatra gifted the world with his version which he released in 1980, off his album, Trilogy: Past Present Future. His version turned up in the comedy When Harry Met Sally; a wise choice seeing as the song matches Harry’s thoughts. This song has been regarded as the “greatest popular song to have ever been written” and will be sung for a long time to come. The timelessness of this song, coupled with its romantic lyrics is suited for a newly wedded couple’s first dance. The video for this song has 6,554,542 views.

8. Al Green – Let’s Stay Together

Taken off his album of the same name, the song was a chart topper, peaking at number one and staying there for 16 weeks. The song was also ranked as the eleventh song of the year 1972. Rolling Stone has also ranked the 60th greatest song on their 500 Greatest Songs of all Time list. The song has been used in several films: Pulp Fiction, Higher Learning, Munich, Jersey Girl, Hope Springs, Down To You etc. Former President Barrack Obama, performed a bit of the song in 2012 for a fundraiser. The week after that, sales of the song increased by a whooping 490% This song has often been used by couples in their first dance. On YouTube, the video of the song has a staggering 111,339,960 views.

7. Bruno Mars – Count on Me

Off his debut album, Doo-Wops & Hooligans, “Count on Me”, was released on 7th November 2011 as his sixth single. The song is a pop record with tropical elements infused in to it. The song has received mixed reviews with some praising its arrangement and motivational vibe. Others criticized its similarity too and compared it to ” Over The Rainbow” a song by Israel Kamakawiwo’ole . Despite the slight criticisms, the song generally received positive reviews, some critics giving it “a 7 out of 10”. Count on Me hits all the right spots as far as being up lifted is concerned. It portrays a cuddly image and is heart-melting, making it perfect for a wedding dance.

6. Frank Sinatra – The Best Is Yet to Come

“The Best Is Yet to Come” is a song that was released in august 1964 and written by Caroyn leigh with the help of a composer CY Coleman. This was the very last track that Frank Sinatra sung in public and the words of the song’s title are engraved on his tombstone,. Though he made the song popular, it wasn’t actually inscribed for Frank, it was written for Tony Benett. As a song for a first dance, this is a great choice. The video of the song has over 311,000 views.

5. Stevie Wonder – As

As was released by Stevie Wonder from his album, Songs in the Key of Life. It peaked at number 36 on both the Black Singles Chart and Billboard Hot 100 charts. The lyrics of the song highlight the love that the singer has for his significant other will never die, till the impossible becomes true. Rainbows burning stars, oceans rising above mountains, parrots living in the sea – the protagonist will love the lady till these things occur. With romantic lyrics such as these, why not dance to this soulful jam as a couple?

4. Alison Krauss – When You Say Nothing

This country song “When You Say Nothing” was inscribed by Paul and Don Schlitz and is among the most popular known songs for three artists. Initially the song was sung by Keith Hitley who instantly loved it when he first heard it. His version soared to the very peak of the Billboard Country Chart and was the second of five consecutive chart-topping singles for Hitley. His original was number 12 on CMT’s 100 Greater Love Songs. Alison Krauss covered the song as a tribute to Hitley. Her recording of the song won the Country Music Award for Single of the Year. As a wedding dance song, this song is just amazing.

3. Adele – Make You Feel My Love

This Bob Dylan song was covered by Adele and was released as her fourth and final single off her debut album. The cover rose successively after appearances on the X-Factor to peak at number 4 on the UK Singles Chart. Her famous version of the song is featured in the film When in Rome. Adele’s voice in this track is dreamy, passionate and she manages to make someone else’s song her own. The song is great for wedding marches and for a first dance.

2. Ed Sheeran – Thinking out Loud

This romantic ballad dares to push romance past sappy and cheesy into a likeable note. The song is the perfect song for a wedding, especially for a couple’s first dance. Ed Sheeran himself described the song as a “walking down the aisle song”. Its beautiful lyrics “Darling I, will, be loving you, till seventy” couldn’t be more suited for an occasion that unites two people till death do them part. It is sure to be used in future weddings to come as it is the kind of song that has longevity. The video of the song has an overwhelming 1.7 billion views.

1. Westlife – Beautiful in White

Westlife has been off the scene (and the charts) since the ‘90s. the band sold over 50 million copies and were nominated for multiple awards. They had many beautiful songs that men and women across the globe loved; Fool Again, My Love, Queen of My Heart all chart toppers. However, Westlife left us with one beautiful gem: Beautiful in White that will be used for years to come. The song is a wedding favorite, with its lyrics praising the bride’s appearance in a white wedding song. The song is just perfect for a wedding march, or a first dance. The video of this beautiful song has over 85 million views.

If you are looking for best first dance songs for your wedding why don’t you try our list of the top 10 best first dance wedding songs 2017. This will not only enlighten your moods but these are the most appropriate first dance songs for the occasion.

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