Top 10 Best Love Songs For Her in 2017

We all know how hard it is to impress a girl. Scrimp and save till you have enough to take her to that fancy restaurant, which you know is her favorite from diligent “research”. Put on some nice clothes, make sure you smell good, open the door for her; all that mushy stuff that is expected from a guy.

top love songs for her 2018

If it all works out and there is a repeat, possibly at your house, you may need a nice, romantic playlist to please her.

These top 10 best love songs for her in 2017-2018 are the perfect fit.

10. Mr. Probz – Till You’re Loved

Mr. Probz is a Dutch hip hop and R&B artist best known for songs such as Nothing Really Matters, Waves, etc. The latter was received with critical acclaim by critics and fans. It reached the top of the Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland and US charts. The song catapulted him into the international music scene, gaining him many fans. He featured as a guest in 50 Cent’s Twisted and also worked with Professor Green in his song Little Secrets. Till you’re Loved is a R&B and soul track that is guaranteed to make your lady feel your love for her. Its smooth lyrics “What is love/What you give is nothing I’ve ever known/What is love/Since you’ve been here I finally know” is a sure entry to that lady’s heart. The song has gathered about 3.6 million views.

9. Anderson East – What would it Take

Anderson East is an R&B artist that has written multiple hits for various artists including Miranda Lambert for her album which was released in 2016. The multi- talented artist taught himself to play piano and guitar when he was in high school. The soulful crooner has a background in music engineering, studying it at Middle Tennessee State before moving to the home of all country stars – Nashville. His first album, Delilah, a moderate success and was produced by Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell and Sturgill Simpson. The song, What Would it Take, was performed on the Fifty Shades Darker soundtrack in 2017. This track has such soulful lyrics; “What would it take to make you love me?” that are perfect if you are trying to woo that special lady. It peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and garnered around 43,000 views.

8. Goldfrapp – Anymore

English group Goldfrapp released their single Anymore,off their seventh album called Silver Eye in early 2017. The track is an electronica, dance-pop record that has influence from glitch music and disco. The group sings robotically about love and romance, stating “I want your love/All the time”. This song is ideal if you want your lady to feel loved but also want her to get her groove on. Critics have given mixed views on the record with some dubbing it “light” and “industrial”. Others said it “cemented the group’s position in electronic territory”. The song’s video has managed to get 73 views on YouTube.

7. Axwell Ingrosso – I Love You

Axwell Ingrosso is a dance music duo that is Swedish and consists of Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso, who were former members of Swedish House Mafia. Their music is more progressive house and electro house and they are signed to Def Jam Records. They have gained a lot of popularity especially among the residents of New York. They have also been nominated for a NRJ Music Award for the Best Collaboration of the Year but did not win. In February 2017, they released a dance song called I Love You which features Kid Ink. It is the best song to croon to your lady after a fight, with its lyrics “I love you, even if I don’t like you right now”. The music video has 6,813,118 views.

6. Ed Sheeran – How would you Feel (Paean)

To commemorate his birthday British singer, Ed Sheeran released How would you Feel on February 2017. He is the sole song writer and producer of the record although John Mayer played a guitar solo. He categorically stated that this song was not an official single but it did not stop the song from shooting to the second spot on the UK Singles Chart. The song has also reached the top 0 in charts in six other countries besides the UK. Critics ranked it as being average, stating that it wasn’t anything new that they had not heard from Sheeran. However, other critics stated that John Mayer’s solo established Sheeran as a “master of his craft” which is what makes it such a poignant song. The video received over 32 million views.

5. James Hersey – Everyone’s Talking

This indie/ electro pop artist is a man of many talents. He plays drums, piano and guitar and is currently working on his first EP. He had previously released the songs Miss You and Coming Over which did extraordinarily well on the Spotify platform. His latest single, Everyone’s Talking is a wonderful jam to listen to with your favorite lady. Its smooth indie-influenced beats will relax you both even as it educates you. The song has managed to get 146,000 views.

4. Stanaj – Meant to Be

This native New Yorker has been making quite the splash with the release of his albums: The Preview EP, From a Distance – EP and The Preview. He is currently signed to a number of labels including Mercury Records, Universal Music LLC and Republic Records and his main genre is R&B. One of his latest singles Meant to Be is a beautiful track that you can listen to with her. Its lyrics “But you and I were always meant to be” are perfect for all kinds of couples; old, new; all of them. The video has acquired over 11,000 views.

3. Pitbull – Options

Released in February 2017 as the fourth single from his Climate Change album, Options is a pop track with some reggae influence. Stephen Marley features as a guest in the track. The song has beautiful lyrics that you can sing to your lady such as “I got, I got, I got options/You the, you the, you the top one”. It is a record that you and she can dance to when alone. The song has gathered 22,847,679 views.

2. Trey Songz – Nobody Else But You

R&B heartthrob, Trey Songz released Nobody Else But You which marks his come-back into the music scene after a departure of two years. The crooner released the song through Atlantic Records on March 2017. Trey Songz is mostly known for his sexy music and club banger such as Bottoms Up and Slow Motion. With Nobody Else But You, however, Songz is all about relationships. He seems to have given up his reputation as a self- proclaimed player and is willing to act on love as opposed to lust. This is a really good track to listen to with her as it is slow and intimate. The song has garnered 26 million views.

1. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You

Released on January 2017, this song has gained phenomenal popularity. The song is a dancehall, tropical house and pop song that was originally intended for Rihanna but was sung by Ed Sheeran. The song peaked at number one in 35 countries including US, UK, Canada, Australia etc. It is also one of the most streamed records on Spotify. The song is very Caribbean—themed and is therefore very danceable. Feel free to jam with your lady to this infectious song. The song has gained a staggering 2.1 billion views, showing its massive popularity. Its lyric video has 700 million views on YouTube.

As a guy apart from buying that bouquet of red roses, buying that delicious dinner and booking an Uber to your house, to get things done and to really finalize your date you need some romantic songs to spice up the house and these top 10 best love songs 2018 for her are a perfect recipe.

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