Top 10 Best Love Songs 2017

Being in love is something many people like, the feeling is good, you get to be happy and be cheerful and at least care for someone. Here we are not just talking a boy and a girl kind of a relation but even a sister to a brother, a mother to a son, and so forth. Sometimes we lack words to express how truly we love and appreciate the people in our lives whom we care about most.

New top love songs 2018

However, don’t worry because someone else might just have the right words that you want to communicate to that someone you cherish and truly love.

Here are the top 10 best love songs 2017-2018 from the greatest love gurus.

10. Mr. Probz – Till You’re Loved

Most people know Mr. Probz from international hits such as Waves , songs that made him a force to reckon with in the hip-hop scene. The songs that he released also caught the eye of multiple artists such as 50 Cent and Professor Green who decided to work with him. The two artists worked with him in songs: Twisted and Little Secrets. His single, Till You’re Loved is a soulful, romantic song whose lyrics are guaranteed to make you melt. The song wonders about the meaning of love, especially the kind that the protagonist has been receiving from his significant other. The song has gathered about 3.6 million views.

9. Ed Sheeran – How Would You Feel (Paean)

How Would You Feel is another hit record that Ed Sheeran penned, produced and sang himself – evidence of his talent. As a matter of fact, this song was not an official single but people still loved it anyway. Ed Sheeran’s song-writing skills are again confirmed in this love ballad as the lyrics are sweet and poignant. The fans loved it too with it reaching the top 10 of European charts. However, critics did not really like the song, terming it boring. Other critics liked it and enjoyed the guitar solo by John Mayer. The video received over 32 million views.

8. Lana Del Rey – LOVE

The song LOVE is exactly what the title speaks about – love. The song’s lyrics are reassuring and reiterate the power of true love. They are hopeful and are a tribute to the strength of hope and love . Critics loved the record, many praising its anthem-like quality and its dreamy and romantic tone. The beautiful track is the perfect song to listen especially if you are alone with your significant other. It garnered an impressive 78 million views.

7. Frank Ocean – Chanel

Chanel is a brilliant showcase of Frank Ocean’s ability to create songs that are in themselves magnificent think pieces. The song deals with themes such as drug abuse, homosexuality, Ocean’s current status as a celebrity and finding his freedom and voice. While the song is contextually about love, the other themes remain clear and are not overshadowed. The song showcases his commanding voice which is belted out over beautiful piano work. This R&B song is great for a slow dance with one’s partner, or just to listen to. Its video has well over 672,000 views.

6. Drake – Teenage Fever

Teenage Fever is a track off Drake’s More Life playlist. Drake is always at his best, when talking about love and this song proves just that. This song is an electro-swoon groove that samples Jennifer Lopez’s debut single, If You Had My Love. Drake sings the chorus, dripping with emotion. His use of such a forgettable song in Teenage Fever is a true testament to his genius as an artist. The song has over 847,000 views.

5. Kendrick Lamar ft. Zacari – LOVE

Kendrick Lamar is never known for his sappy lyrics. The rapper is not afraid to get explicitly clear on what he would like on his new album DAMN. From crooning about “Loyalty” with bad gal Rihanna herself to rapping about he would like “some ass with stretch marks”, Lamar is not known for exploring cheesy lovey dovey themes. But on L.O.VE., Lamar wonders out loud about his lady’s devotion to him. He wonders whether his money might not have something to do with her being with him. In the chorus, he pleads with her to “Just love me, just love me.” And that he wants to be with her. Great for jamming to with your significant other, this track is a must-have in your playlist. The song features an artist called Zacari. The video received 3.6 million views.

4. Perfume Genius – Die 4 You

Indie pop singer Mike Hadreas who is commonly known as Perfume Genius is an openly gay male artist who is a pianist and is signed to Matador label. Perfume Genius is an illustration of the power of social media, which he used by posting music to MySpace in 2005. This marked the start to his illustrious career. His music deals with his sexuality, abuse disease and other themes. The song Die 4 You is a beautiful ballad that deals with sacrifice, which is a common topic in love songs. The daring video has gained 388,735 views.

3. (Sandy) Alex G – Bobby

Alex G is an artist whose music is of the indie-rock genre. The talented multi-instrumental artist cites Elliot Smith as one of his major influences. He has many hit records under his belt, many of which are surprisingly recorded in home. The song Bobby has the fiddle as a main instrument and it quickly becomes the listener’s favorite feature of the song, evoking memories of porches and buses. The somber, soulful lyrics are statements of dedication to one’s significant other. It is a beautiful love song to have at home. The video has over 276,000 views.

2. St. Vincent – New York

New York is a song that grieves the demise of a relationship. The song is a departure from St. Vincent’s earlier work, with no heavy guitar work. It focuses more on the artists beautiful vocals which soar over piano chords. The song is a bit too somber for those who like to dance but is ideal for a romantic dinner with one’s partner or for a first date. The video of the song has over 633,000 views on YouTube.

1. Tyler, The Creator ft. Kali Uchis – See You Again

Tyler the Creator is a talented man for sure. He is a great song-writer, rapper, producer and can play several instruments, all of which he taught himself to play. The artist has also worked with other prominent artists such as A$AP Rocky, Pharell etc. See You Again is a fusion of hip; hop and rap that is an ode to true love. The song has soulful lyrics, which are typically not found in a hip-hop record. The lyrics extol the love that the protagonist has towards his partner and wants to fall deeper in love with her. For hip-hop lovers or for those who like something more bouncy, this is the love song for you. It speaks on love but can still be danced to. The video of the song has an impressive 1,446,087 views on YouTube.

The songs above in this list of top 10 best love songs in 2017, span across genres; from R&B, to blues, hip-hop, dance etc. They are a selection of the best songs of love to listen to when bored, sad or happy. They will not disappoint that’s an assurance

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