Top 10 Best R&B Love Songs in 2017

R&B is a genre that has been around for decades. It began in the 1940’s and was marketed mostly to African Americans but is currently one of the most popular genres of music. It is a genre that focuses mostly on sex, relationships, aspirations and freedom. In the recent past however, there has been a corruption of the genre with the introduction of other elements.

top R&B Love songs 2018

The following list am presenting you with of top 10 best r&b love songs in 2017-2018 have tried to remain as true to the genre as possible.

10. Ledisi – High

Saying that singer and song-writer Ledisi is underrated is an epic understatement. Ledisi has the gift to take you through a troubling situation, or bring those good vibes with her voice and lyrics. In High, Ledisi sings on having a special someone can make the world and its problems beneath you slide away. Her soulful vocals have a healing quality about them and are a gentle reminder to her fans that she is back on the music scene after a year’s absence. The track is dripping with ad-libs but manages to remain humble and sweet at the same time. This is difficult to accomplish, seeing as the background harmonies are just as full voiced as her lead vocals, yet Ledisi manages to do that. If in need of a soaring, feel-good love anthem, High is the track for you. The track’s video has over 76,000 views.

9. Tank – When We

Tank, who was one third of sexy R&B trio TGT, released this sexy song on June 2017. The song is part of his upcoming eighth album. It is a return to pure R&B, the kind that we knew from the ‘90s. The song is perfect for a romantic evening that has the likelihood of ending in the bedroom. It is sensual, in a way that isn’t overbearing. Tank chooses to depart from the overt, in-your-face sexual approach that most R&B artists choose to employ nowadays. According to him, songs can be sexy in a way that does not border on shocking and he proves that in When We. Though a relatively new single, the video has garnered over 495,000 views.

8. Khalid – Location

Teen Texas artist Khalid is quickly becoming a big name in R&B. He delivers a sweet, melodic song in Location which is a track off his album, American Teen. The song is youthful, and down-to-earth in a way that a teenager’s song should be. Location is all about young love, and the first stage of a burgeoning relationship. The singer’s sleek pipes are showcased in their glory in this beautiful song. Teenage love, hormones, questions , feelings run rampant in a teenager’s life. The song embodies all this and more. The track is a chill, urban record that is instantly relatable. The video has an overwhelming 111 million views on YouTube.

7. Demetria McKinney – Easy

Newcomer Demetria McKinney set the R&B scene abuzz in 2015 with songs like Trade It All, 100, the latter was a collaboration with rapper Da Brat. The singer and actress has had a fruitful career in showbiz, starring in Tyler Perry’s House of Payne which has received 5 NAACP Awards. The song Easy is a track off her upcoming album, Officially Yours. Her sweet, silky vocals on this song will make you an instant fan, if you had never heard of her. Easy is definitely “easy” to love. The track which was co-written with Courtlin Jabrae and Devin Horton is a female anthem. It encourages women to want the best for themselves, and to have high expectations of their men. The song’s video has a sexy, artsy vibe that showcases Demetria as artist, as opposed to the actress that most people are familiar with. It has garnered over 727,000 views on YouTube.

6. Johnny Gill ft. Jaheim – 5,000 Miles

Johnny Gill, who is a member of New Direction is very much active on the music scene, releasing a song, featuring Jaheim on January 2017. The song had come out a year earlier but did not have the audience it deserved. It is a great mid-tempo that showcases Johnny Gill’s flawless vocals. 5000 Miles is about a woman that has so enthralled him that she takes him “5000 miles every time” he looks at her. The song has been criticized for being too generic, and for not being something that fans would play repeatedly. However, it is still a great listen. The video has 430,302 views.

5. Stokley – Level

Off his upcoming album, Introducing Stokley, Level is released by singer Stokley as his lead single. The singer who is a two time Grammy Award nominee showcased his amazing skills as a song-writer; weaving lyrics over a rhythm guitar driven track. According to the singer, the song is about finding somebody or something that is perfect, that is on one’s level. The love grove has received generally positive reviews from listeners. The song heralds his solo career away from being the lead vocalist for R&B band Mint Condition. The video has 1 million views.

4. Tamar Braxton – My Man

After almost one year of leaving television talk show, The Real, Tamar Braxton released, My Man, a heart-wrenching R&B song. The song is about loss, betrayal, heartache and deception. Tamar Braxton is hurt by being deceived by her significant other and shares her heartbreak with her powerful voice. The song is her first single off her upcoming album. With this record, she aims to help people who have been in the same situation. The video has 1,647,478 views.

3. Childish Gambino – Redbone

Known primarily for his extraordinary rapping ability, Redbone channels Childish Gambino’s singing voice. The song oozes with soul and achieved moderate success. It peaked at number 12 in 2017 and I therefore his highest charting single. The song also did well on the Adult R&B chart where it peaked at number one. The song’s video has 120 million views.

2. Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

Off his third album, 24K Magic, this song is a hip-hop soul and new jack swing and R&B song that brings in R&B vibes into the world of trap. Critics praised this record, terming it one “the best and modern-sounding cuts of the album” that owes its brilliance to Bruno Mars’ great vocals and “tasteful trap drums”. The song was at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 and the US Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs charts. The video of the song has 880 million views.

1. Sevyn Streeter – Before I Do

Inspired by R&B powerhouse, Aaliyah whom Sevyn Streeter has professed admiration for, Before I Do has embraced Aaliyah’s sound. The song is about wanting to take a relationship to the next level, but only if her significant other is willing to be vulnerable. She sings in a breathy cadence that is reminiscent of Aaliyah’s voice. The strums of the guitar and beautiful harmonies enrich the song, taking you back to simpler times, less complicated tomes when you’d talk over the phone with your crush.

As mentioned before, the genre has witnessed some shifts, shifts that aren’t positive. These top 10 best r&b love songs 2017 songs above and their artists have tried to retain the essence of R&B, without all the other fluff that usually accompanies it. These songs are the cream of the crop, currently.

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