Top 10 Best R&B Wedding Songs

R&B is the official genre of love, romance and relationships. And what could be more romantic than a wedding? It is therefore fitting that R&B songs are used when joining a couple in the most eternal of bonds. R&B songs have played a significant role in weddings, whether in the ceremony, reception or the honeymoon. These top 10 best r&b wedding songs 2017 are the kind of tracks that usually evoke emotion in those that are getting married and also those that are watching them.

best r&b wedding songs 2018

Here is a list of the best R&B wedding songs in 2017-2018.

10. Bruno Mars – Count on Me

Count On Me received mixed reviews from critics with some criticizing its cheesiness and predictability. Others however, loved it and praised Bruno Mars for his smooth delivery on the track. The song has beautiful lyrics that talk about protecting your significant other, and being there for them at any cost. With such beautiful lyrics, and with Bruno Mars as a vocalist, it would be a crime to not include this song in your wedding. The song’s video on YouTube has over 7.1 million views.

9. Ed Sheeran – Thinking out Loud

Thinking out Loud is just one of those records that you know will be used in millions of weddings to come. The song writer himself stated that his vision for the song was for it to be used when the bride was walking down the aisle. The song is a slow-tempo, with deep lyrics that are just made for your big day. The lyrics are a promise to love one’s partner till their old age. What setting could be more fitting for a song like that besides a wedding? The video of the song has an overwhelming 1.7 billion views on YouTube.

8. Real Estate – Darling

For they that want to have less sappy and more up-beat wedding, Darling is just the song for you. With its excellent guitar work, the song promises to have people on their feet for its three-minute duration, and ask for a replay. The song is ideal for the reception. The video of the song has received well over 1.6 million views on YouTube.

7. John Legend – Love Me Now

Released in 2016, Love Me Now is a blueprint of his romantic record, All Of Me. The singer does not turn his back on R&B in this up-beat record but flirts with pop and soul. The song begins with some pop groove and proceeds to regale us with his soulful voice. The song is suitable for a dance, as it is up- beat. The video has over 121 million views.

6. MAJOR. – Why I Love You

There is much to be said about recent newcomer MAJOR. who released his album, I AM MAJOR. in 2017. His epic ballad, Why I Love You is the song that showcases his amazing vocal range yet remains the most underrated one of all. Why I Love You shows the ease in which MAJOR. can hit aerial notes and transition from body to head voice. This R&B song is perfect for a wedding, especially considering its beautiful lyrics. The song’s video has over 22 million views.

5. Westlife – Beautiful in White

With international hits from Westlife such as Queen of My Heart and other similar love songs, it is quite hard to pick a single song for a wedding. Most of their songs are just beautiful and absolutely timeless. However, they gave us one undeniable gem: Beautiful in White. A wedding favorite, the lyrics praising the bride looking “beautiful in white”, it goes without saying that this song is compulsory for a wedding playlist. The song is the best choice for the first dance or a wedding march even. The video of this beautiful song has over 85 million views.

4. Stevie Wonder – As

Released from his album, Songs in the Key of Life, As was number 36 on both the Black Singles Chart and Billboard Hot 100 chart. The lyrics of the song are beautiful in nature, describing the man’s love for the lady which will last until the end of time. The lyrics also describe impossible occurrences such as rainbows burning the sky, or parrots making the ocean their abode and claims to love the lady till these occurrences become a reality. These lyrics, and of course, Stevie Wonder’s beautiful voice, make this song a must-have for a wedding’s playlist.

3. Ariana Grande – Be Alright

Be Alright was inspired by deep house and has R&B influences. Lyrically, the song is about being optimistic and love conquering all. The song was received well by critics, many of them praising its minimalism and Grande’s wise omission of her usual vocal runs. While the song is suitable for a club or a dance floor, it is equally eligible for a wedding, especially for a dance. The song’s video has 40,183,869 views.

2. Rihanna – Love On The Brain

Many people, some of whom aren’t even Rihanna fans will attest to the emotional experience that is Love on the Brain. This song is different from her candy-pop songs many of which are auto tuned and repetitive. Love on the Brain is one of those records is one of those records that has true meaning as showcased by RiRi’s raw, dynamic delivery and is a great choice for weddings. The song’s video has garnered over 71 million views.

1. Bruno Mars – That’s What I Like

This chart-topping hit is not ideal for the actual wedding ceremony, given its up-beat feel. Neither is it suitable for the couple’s first dance as it is not a slow-tempo song. The song is the perfect choice for a wedding dance, especially with its catchy beats and up-beat, celebratory lyrics. The video of the song on YouTube has 880 million views.

With these R&B songs in your playlist, a great time certainly guaranteed for all. These top 10 best r&b wedding songs 2017 songs catered for all possible song breaks in a wedding ceremony, for the vows, the first dance and even the reception. There is nothing left to chance. Be sure to try these ones out.

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