Top 10 Best Sad Love Songs in 2017

Sometimes when feeling woebegone, we don’t want to be shaken from our puddle of self-pity. Rather, we’d prefer to stay in our feelings, eat our weight in ice cream, and just wallow. Maybe it is a failed relationship, a sudden push to the front of the unemployment line, discovery of a cheating partner. We all may find ourselves needing a good cry to get it of our systems.

top sad love songs 2018

Grab a tissue because the playlist is a perfect catalyst because.

These top 10 best sad love songs in 2017-2018 below are just what you need to start the waterworks.

10. London Grammar – Big Picture

Fans of group London Grammar had to wait about four years for the group to get back together. But now that the group is back, they have treated their fans with song after song. An example is the beautiful ballad Rooting For You that was released in January. Big Picture is the lead single off their upcoming second album. The song was produced by Jon Hopkins who has worked with prominent act such as Coldplay and Brian Eno. The track is beautiful, beginning with piano, later joined by the guitar and percussion, with a majestic build up. The song is dominated by Hannah’s rich voice. The sad lyrics speak of an ex-lover who failed to treat the protagonist right. The video has 3.6 million views.

9. Luke Sital Singh – Killing Me

Most song-writers do not like to share the inspiration behind their hits. They prefer to have the listeners only listen to the music. Not so with Luke Sital Singh. He candidly shares the inspiration for Killing Me in his lyrics. The sad lyrics were born from a bittersweet inspiration – the death of his grandfather. His widowed grandmother appears to be his muse, or rather her love for her deceased spouse. His grandfather passed on a decade ago, and the pain that his grandmother still feels in her heart moved him to pen this sorrowful song. Sital’s expressive voice brought out the emotion in the lyrics – “It’s killing me that you’re not here with me/I’m living happily”. The song’s video has 35,578 views.

8. Cosima – To Build A House

This heartbreaking ballad is drenched in pure heartache and will be instantly relatable to anyone who hears it. The song has the ability to make its listeners stop still in their tracks. It is a staggering new song, with soulful vocals. It was first written as a poem about a father. The song comes from a deeply personal space and is perfect for to dig deep into one’s feelings. The song is her best performance yet. The song’s video has over 8.1 thousand views.

7. John Mayer – You’re Gonna Live Forever In Me

This song spans across four genres: pop, blues, soul and soul. The song has a special significance for John Mayer – it was the one song that was made from a state of pure emotion. The raw motion heard on the record, over the piano was recorded on Mayer’s first take. The song was written in one night and the tune arrived almost fully created. He cannot reproduce the exact sound of his vocals even if he wanted to; he cannot intellectualize it. The song’s sad lyrics coupled with John Mayer’s emotional lyrics, will surely leave the listener deep in their feelings. The song has 4 million views.

6. The xx – A Violent Noise

Thematically, A Violent Noise is about losing yourself in the music, in a negative sense. The notion of that is mirrored in the music with its low-end production and gloomy chorus. The song is a picture of gloom and doom, disillusionment, isolation and fear with its lyrics – “How can eyes this wide/Lose sight of a world outside?” The song’s music video has over 121,000 views.

5. The Chainsmokers – Paris

The song by The Chainsmokers with vocals by Emily Warren was an instant hit, appearing in the Billboard Hot 100 and other specialized charts. This song is a rare affair, being one of the few records that The Chainsmokers have not involved a guest artist. The song is sad as it was inspired by a friend who was going through addiction and lived in a land of make-believe, blind to his destruction. The video of the song has more than 111 million views.

4. SZA – Drew Barrymore

This song, off SZA’s Ctrl album, highlights how power dynamics in a relationship can yield low self -esteem – “Warm enough for ya outside baby,yeah/Is it warm enough for ya inside me, me, me?”. SZA ask her significant other whether she is attractive enough for his liking. The protagonist knows that this relationship is bad for her yet she still can’t let the man go, which is ruining her self- esteem. The music video, which features Drew Barrymore making a cameo, has garnered over 2.8 million views.

3. Julia Michaels – Issues

Being Julia Smith’s debut single, Issues is a wonderful first-time effort from new artist, Julia Michaels. It has really succeeded in putting her on the map, and opened her up to an international audience. The song has a special significance as it was intended for another artist but Michaels was determined to have it as her own. She eventually got the song, as she felt it was a perfect for her. The ballad has beautiful lyrics that tell the tale of a fragile relationship that is fraught with “issues”. The two characters are flawed but it is that imperfection that glues them together.

2. Linkin Park & Kiiara – Heavy

Heavy is a pop-rock song that has guest vocals from Kiiara. The song is the first single from Linkin Park’s seventh album. The song has a very special significance to Linkin Park as it was the last single to have been released during Chester Bennington’s lifetime. The song is about dealing with life’s struggles, with Bennington stating that the song’s opening line – “I don’t like my mind right now” was him all day long. The saddest lyrics of this song were “I wanna let go but there’s comfort in the panic”. The song’s video has 74,572,598 views.

1. Selena Gomez, Kygo – It Aint Me

For those feeling sad about a breakup, this song is perfect for. It Aint Me is an up-tempo song that is the first single off Kygo’s album. The protagonist breaks up with an unworthy partner, knowing that she will not be around to help him whenever he needed it. The lyrics are nostalgic and describe a relationship ruined by hard drinking and partying – “You were staying out all night/And I had had enough”. The song’s video has over 372 million views.

The beautiful thing about these songs isn’t so much that they get your tears flowing. It is the raw emotion that blares through the lyrics that helps you realize that you are not alone in your sadness. The top 10 best sad love songs 2017 are a connection between the artist and the listener and in a strange way, provide comfort to you. The singers prove that music is indeed a universal language which connects people.

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