Top 10 Best Happy Songs for 2017

There are always moments in our lives when we need a little motivation and encouragement. Did you know that listening to music will make your brain release dopamine which is a “feel-good” neurotransmitter responsible for emotions like joy, happiness excitement? Scientists have also discovered that music makes your body decrease the levels of stress hormone cortisol, improve your health, reduce depression, elevate your mood, reduce pain and even raise your IQ. Sometimes medicine works better when you have the inner peace and your soul is joyful.

Top 10 Best Happy Songs 2018

Whether you are hurt, lonely, or just needing to look at the glass and see it half full, listen to the following top 10 best happy songs 2017.

10. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

This was the hit that introduced us to the five heartthrobs that make up epic English-Irish boy band One Direction. Being their debut and lead single off their album Up All Night, the song catapulted them to the international charts. For instance, the song was number four on the US Billboard Hot 00, topped the Scottish and Irish charts and was certified platinum in the United States. Any and every one will adore this power pop track with its adorable, catchy chorus. The song was massively popular, with radio DJs receiving hundreds of requests from listeners on the daily. The video has accumulated around 870 million views on YouTube. The song’s up beat feel will get you out of that funk you’re in.

9. Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling

This song is the second single from the group’s album, The E.N.D. the track was produced by David Guetta. The song was a huge hit internationally, making it to the top of the charts of 21 countries, US included. I Gotta Feeling peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100. The song that was at number one that time was another of the group’s singles called Boom Boom Pow. This made The Black Eyed Peas one of the few acts to have two top singles on the chart at the same time. The song was nominated for two Grammy Awards and won one. The track is dance-pop in nature and will make you feel like getting down instead of just feeling down.

8. Avicii – Wake Me Up

Swedish DJ and producer released Wake Me Up as his lead single from his first album, True through Columbia’s Records.the vocals on the track are given by Aloe Blacc. The song was first introduced to the world at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami. The song’s genre is folktronica and progressive house. The track peaked at number one in many countries in Europe and elsewhere. The song has been dubbed “a summer anthem” by Variance Magazine. Aloe Blacc released an acoustic version of the song due to the song’s massive success. His version did relatively well on the charts. This song is guaranteed to have you up beat and happy.

7. Selena Gomez & The Scene – Who Says

This song was written by Priscilla Renea and Emanuel Kiriakou. Kiriakou produced the song. The song was written to fight back against “haters”, especially those who engage in cyber bullying. The song is a departure in sound for the act, seeing as it has an organic and acoustic, in contrast to their usual club-oriented and dance-pop songs. The song has a more pop feel to it. The song was created to be an empowerment son, with Selena Gomez stating that she feels “already better” every time she sings it. She described the song as being “sweet” and “fun”.

6. Pharrell – Happy

As its name suggest, this song will have you feeling exuberant and yes, happy. Happy was written, produced and performed by Pharell Williams himself. The song has been nominated for several award; two Grammys and an Academy Award. The song won the former but lost the Academy Award out to Let It Go. The song’s video has over 973 million views.

5. Sara Bareilles – Brave

Taken from her fourth album, The Blessed Unrest, Brave was written by Sara Bareilles and Jack Antonoff. The power pop track was written with the intention of empowering people to be who they are, to be “brave”. The song was a chart topper in many countries including the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan and the US. In the US, the song peaked at number 23. It was nominated for a Grammy for Best Pop Solo Performance. Critics praised this record, stating that it was a new direction for Sara Bareilles. The song will not only make you feel happy but it will also motivate you to speak up.

4. Coldplay – A Sky Full Of Stars

The third single off Coldplay’s sixth album, this song was received with critical acclaim by most music critics. The song is a dance track, a first for the has been compared to the song Midnight but with a more danceable flavor. The song was praised by critics who stated that it was the most commercial they have heard Coldplay be. The song was also nominated for a Grammy. The track is guarantees to make one feel happy and cheerful. The song has received over 308 million views.

3. Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’

This song is the second single off rock band’ Journey’s seventh album. It peaked on the US Billboard Hot 100 Hot at number 9. The song has been widely praised by critics who state that the song is “a perfect rock song”. It has also been termed “an anthem”. The song is the top selling single in the 20th century. The song was inspired by Jonathan Caine’s father who consistently encouraged him not to give up. He always motivated Jonathan Caine: “ Don’t stop believing or you’re done, dude”. This anthem has been used in many television shows including The Sopranos, Glee among others. Glee adapted the song and its version peaked at number four on the US Billboard Hot 100.

2. Demi Lovato – Skyscraper

Skyscraper is a song written by Lindy Robbins, Kerli Koiv and Toby Gad. The song was written with the intention of empowering people, of encouraging people to overcome their struggles. The lyrics themselves show how one can hit the lowest low but still get back up. The song was very special to Lovato as she felt it resonated with her and her fans. The song was released as the lead single off Unbroken. It was at the top 10 in the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song is sure to motivate and encourage you in addition to making you happy. The song’s video has over 291 million views on YouTube.

1. American Authors – Best Day of My Life

Indie rock band American Authors has delivered yet another hit record, Best Day of My Life. The band consisting of members Matt Sanchez, Dave Rublin, Zac Barnett and James Adam Shelley. They all wrote the song. It was released as the second single off their third EP, American Authors and was the third track of their first album, Oh, What a Life. The song is indie rock in nature and combines elements of alternative rock and indie folk. The song was praised for its “upbeat lyrics” and for having “a perfect first hook”. The song is sure to lift anyone’s spirits with its upbeat lyrics. The video has garnered over 149 million views on YouTube.

Therefore, if you are feeling depressed, sad, lonely or just plain bored; crank these songs and feel your cheer come back to you. The top 10 best happy songs 2017 are tried and tested and proven to get you your happiness back, so get the MP3, MP4 or your smartphone and download them.

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