Top 10 Best Blues Songs Right Now

Blues is a genre that originated from African Americans. It had its origins from spirituals, work songs and folk music. The main instruments are guitar, piano, bass, drums, harp among others. Despite it being a predominantly African American record, this genre has had artists of all other races taking part.

New Best Blues Songs 2018

The following top 10 blues songs 2017 are a comprehensive list of the best blues records of 2017.

10. Ruthie Foster – Joy Comes Back

Ruthie Foster has fans of different backgrounds, ethnicities and ages. The blues artist has a knack for attracting and uniting people of such diverse backgrounds, which is surprising for an artist of her genre. A white grandmother and a black 20-year old both find something in common when it comes to Foster’s music. Her latest album, Joy Comes Back is truly a reason to celebrate. The album contains a diverse array of music from her usual blues songs, to tracks that have gospel elements to material with a folk-rock edge. The song Joy Comes Back is a blues track with gospel and soul elements that showcases Foster’s strong vocals and commanding presence. For most black folks, Joy Comes Back is a record that brings back feelings of home, choir and fellowship. The song’s video has over 32,000 views.

9. Valerie June – Got Soul

Valerie June has been on a roll this year, creating masterpiece after masterpiece which are compiled in her album, The Order of Time. The last time Valerie released an album was in 2013 and she left thirsty fans panting for more. 2017 was the year of the release of her album and it did not disappoint. Got Soul is but one gem in her crown that is The Order of Time, with its rooted elements of blues, bluegrass, soul and folk. The song and its accompanying video are an illumination of the song’s message, with the video having childhood photos of June. On YouTube, the video has over 17,000 views.

8. Walter Trout – We’re All In This Together

We’re All In This Together is a song off Walter Trout’s album of the same name. The album happens to include performances by some of the biggest acts in the blues genre. We’re talking Joe Mayall, Joe Bonamassa, Warren Hayes, Eric Gale, Edgar Winter, John Nemeth, Randy Bachman and so many other artists who have impressive resumes in the music scene. For this album, Trout wrote original material for most of the artists making guest appearances. Even though the other songs on the album were must-haves for anyone’s playlist, the track that stands out the most is We’re All In This Together. The blues-rock song featuring Joe Bonamassa is nothing short of commendable and is the album’s greatest moment. The video has over 9.5 thousand views.

7. Coco Montoya – Before The Bullets Fly

Off his stellar album, Hard Truth, Before The Bullets Fly is a cover of 1998 song of the same name by Gregg Allman. The song is the lead single of the album and has more blues elements than some of the songs on the album. It really shows Coco Montoya’s growth as an artist, with its smoothness and easy flow. The song was written by Warren Hayes, who is another blues heavyweight and maintains a a hefty balance between blues and rock. His silky vocals and great guitar work succeeds in making this Gregg Allman song his own. The song’s video has over 3.3 thousand views.

6. Selwyn Birchwood – Pick Your Poison

This artist is one of the best artists that the blues has to offer, with his deep, intensive background in the genre and his sophomore album, Pick Your Poison proves exactly that. His incorporation of other elements, fusing them with dominant blues has earned him recognition. He has received several prestigious awards and been nominated for several others. In his new song which has the same name as the album, Birchwood aims to craft a blues record for people across all generations. With its cutting edge vocals and musicianship, Pick Your Poison is a song that has a wide reach.

5. Carolyn Wonderland – Moon Goes Missing

Moon Goes Missing is a song off the Grammy Award winning album of the same name. The song cements Carolyn Wonderland’s foothold in the blues and rock scene. It is an unabashed showcase of Wonderland’s robust vocals and creativity. The record has superb instrumental work – her soul-infused guitar playing on this record is just amazing. The record is truly a masterpiece with its excellent lyrics, penned by Wonderland herself, the musicianship and the soulful individuality that is her trademark. The song’s video has over 69,000 views.

4. Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Lay It On Down

Shepherd is widely regarded to be one of the major frontrunners of blues music. On this album, he used his team playing skills, banding with noted song writers. Their song writing skills coupled with his signature guitar work makes for a phenomenal album. One of his songs, which has the same title as the album is a fusion of blues and country ballad that is contemporary in nature. The song has a modern feel that is unlike many of his other records. it is a mid-tempo country ballad that has soulful motivational lyrics that everyone can relate to. The protagonist in the song urges his lady to truly believe in herself, which is a message that everyone has needed to hear at one point or the other. The music video has over 29,000 views.

3. Samantha Fish – Chills & Fever

The album and song which hold the same title, will definitely give the listener chills and fever. The album is a delightful wrangle of blues, R&B, rock and soul creating Samantha’s own unique sound. The song shows her growth from being a mere guitarist and singer to being a force to reckon with on the music scene. As earlier mentioned, the record fuses three genres, thus scoring Samantha many fans across those genres. Her sound is very fresh, versatile and on her way to the top. The song’s video has over 88,000 views on YouTube.

2. Robert Cray – Just How Low

Just How Low is a collaborative effort between the legendary Robert Cray and Hi Rhythm Section. The song has a solid base of blues with a dollop of soul, sprinkles of gospel and a huge helping of gospel. The song just like some of the other records in his album was born out of turmoil and is an ode to the power and timeliness of true love. The song is a credit to his song-writing and amazing guitar skills. The music video has hundreds of views on YouTube.

1. Robert Cray – You Must Believe In Yourself

Robert Cray has been incorporating elements from other genres (soul, R&B and blues) in his music for years. The five time Grammy Award winning artist has had an illustrious career, with numerous albums being received with critical acclaim. The song You Must Believe In Yourself features Hi Rhythm. It has a sound that has arisen form American roots and arrives to the listener fresh and comforting. Hos superb guitar playing and smooth vocals make this record worth a listen. The song has over 13,000 views.

The top 10 blues songs above are perfect if you are craving blues, or a fusion of blues. From Kenny Wayne to Robert Cray to Coco Montoya, these songs will enrich you with their splendid musicianship, their impeccable lyrics and finally their soulful artistry. Go ahead and take a listen.

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