Top 10 Best R&B Songs Right Now

Did you know that R&B music is the only genre people turn into in there hour of need? In R&B music many individuals find some relaxing effects in it no wonder the genre is so popular. The Rhythm and blues which originated in 1940,s usually combines elements of soul, electronic dance, pop, hip hop, and funk. R&B touches on issues that people go through everyday such as break-ups, crime life, poverty, struggles, love, unfaithfulness, among other numerous things.

top 10 new R&B songs 2018

Rhythm and blues usually give people strength to carry on, comfort, inspire those who have given up, encourages ones acceptance of himself or herself, and also gives you strength to stand up for what you believe in among other benefits such as food for the soul.

Here are some of the top 10 best new R&B songs of 2017-2018.

10. Young Dumb & Broke by Khalid

Released on march 3rd 2017 by Khalid and written by himself “Young Dumb & Broke” is a song that describes how being youthful makes a person young and dumb and broke too. Khalid here feels that its unnecessary to be in a romantic commitment when you’re in this state although you still got to give some love regardless. The YouTube video has over 200,000 views.

9. Passionfruit by Drake

“Passionfruit” is a R&B, dancehall, pop song which was released on march 28 2017 by Drake. The song details a story of how Drake is unable to maintain that trust and faithfulness when it comes to commitment in a long-distance relationship to this woman where finally he advices her to just put a stop on the relationship. Commercially the song performed well as it entered the top ten charts in US, UK, Ireland, Canada, and on US Billboard Hot 100 it peaked position 8. In addition to performing well commercially the song has been certified Gold in New Zealand, and France, Platinum in Australia, Italy, and UK. The song has 7 million views on YouTube.

8. Privacy by Chris Brown

“privacy is a song from Chris Brown highly anticipated studio album, Heartbreak on a Full Moon. The track was released on 24th march 2017 and written by Christopher Brown and Jim Stewart. Commercially it has performed so well though it has been certified Gold in the United states and has received more than 48 million views on YouTube.

7. Slide by Calvin Harris Featuring Frank Ocean & Migos

“Slide” which was released on 23rd February details the story of people who just want to enter into a richer person’s life in order to live and look like they are more affluent. this track is the first original track to be released by the famous Scottish DJ Calvin Harris in 2017 and it’s the first collaboration with Quavo, Frank Ocean and Migos. Commercially the song is doing well as it has already been certified Platinum in US, UK, New Zealand, Denmark, Australia, and Belgium. At present the song has received more than 24 million views on YouTube.

6. Versace On The Floor by Bruno Mars

This song is among others in Bruno Mars third album 24K Magic and it was released on 4th November 2016.This R&B slow based Bruno Mars song has a theme of the connection between him and his woman whose Versace dress rests of the floor as they share a each other’s company. As of today “ Versace on the floor” has been certified Gold in USA and received over 135 million views on YouTube.

5. Love Galore by SZA Featuring Travis Scott

“Love Galore” is a song by SZA featuring Travis Scott. The song theme Is about cravings of a past lover, rebirth after not so happy relationship which is full of regrets and she puts herself first after the non-romantic love affair. The song was released on April 27 2017 and so far, it has accumulated more than 11 million views on YouTube.

4. Feels by Calvin Harris Featuring Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean

It’s the 4th single from Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1 which was released on 17, June 2017 by Calvin Harris and features the rapper Big Sean, Pharrell Williams and Katy Perry. Upon its release, this R&B song made it on top 10 charts in the US, UK, Sweden, Scotland, Canada, Belgium, Austria, Germany Spain and many other countries in the world. Commercially it has already been certified Gold in Australia, Italy, New Zealand, and UK. so far, the song has more than 105 million YouTube views.

3. Redbone by Childish Gambino

This is the second single song from rapper Childish Gambino third album Awaken My Love which was released on 17, 2016. The theme of the song is paranoia and issues of infidelity in a relationship and how they affect it.” Redbone ” upon its release it was doing well commercially and it had debuted to position 75 on Billboard Hot 100 but as of today this song made a comeback in August 2017 debuting to position 13 in the charts which made it to be Gambino highest charting single. With more than 106 million views on YouTube and the fact that it has been certified Gold in New Zealand, and Canada and platinum twice in US, Australia among other countries.

2. That’s What I Like by Bruno Mars

Released on January 30 2017 the single from 24K magic album “That’s What I Like” is the highest chatting single so far in this album. Some of the composers are Brody Brown, Christopher, Bruno Mars and several others. The song lyrics are Bruno Mars telling a woman all what he likes and all the mentioned things are luxury items which definitely will impress any woman. Commercially the song has done exemplary well as it has already sold more than 1.3 million, came at NO 1 in major top charts Hot R&B songs in UK, Canada, US, Sweden, New Zealand, and in addition it has over 810 million views in YouTube.

1. Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled Featuring Rihanna & Bryson Tiller

“Wild Thoughts” is a song that has borrowed heavily from Santan “Maria maria” 1999 song. The song has been one of the best R&B songs in 2017 through its also classified under hip hop genre. The song was released officially in 2017 June 16 and it’s the 4th single from DJ Khaled tenth studio album. “Wild Thoughts” featured the Barbadian singer Rihanna and Bryson Tiller no wonder it was a master hit. This song talks about how a lover should bring out wild thoughts when they are together. Commercially the song was a success as it debuted at No 4 in US Billboard Hot 100 and No 1 in UK, Canada, Belgium, Israel, Australia singles chart and in addition it had over 36 million streams and over 90,000 sales in digital copies. The song has over 200 million views in YouTube.

These are the top 10 best R&B songs 2017 in many R&B charts in many countries in the world. If you’re looking for a song that will definitely sooth your mind, encourage you, inspire you, spice up your romantic relationship and give you the ultimate food for the soul then the genre of Rhythm and blues is what you need.

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