Top 10 Best New Rap Songs Right Now

For many years rap music has been criticized in a negative way for its obsession with the high life, the driving of fancy cars, oversized music systems, wearing of expensive jewelry and clothes and more. But did you know that in such flight of fancy there can be a positive social benefit effect? According to research by the psychologists from Cambridge University the rags-riches narrative trajectories and the positive visual imagery portrayed in rap music could provide the key to better mental health.

best new rap songs 2018

The music helps someone to envisage the place he would like to be and this in return facilitates one’s development to a better mental place. Rap music also helps teenagers comprehend language, since the music is correlated with dancing it helps people in cardiovascular exercises and don’t forget rap music is helpful to drummers as it’s an excellent backing track.

Here is the best of top 10 new rap songs of 2017-2018.

10. Rake It Up Yo Gotti Feat. Nicki Minaj

“Rake It Up” is a song from the album Gotti Made-It by Yo Gotti , Mike Will Made It featuring the queen of hip hop and rap Nicki Minaj. It’s worth noting this is the third song Nicki Minaj has collaborated with Yo Gotti as she did a collabo on “5 star”, and “Down in the DM”. The song was released on July 1 2017 and as of today it has over 13 million YouTube views.

9. Slippery by Migos Featuring Gucci Mane

Migos teamed up with his fellow Atlantan rapper Gucci Mane to produce a song that talks about jewelry, Quavos aunts and uncles, and drugs. Gucci has featured in several of Migos tracks such as “Dennis Rodman”, “Now” and definitely Migos inspired Gucci’s latest album Drop Top Wop. The song was released in January 27 2017 and its written by Deko, Gucci Mane, OG Parker, Quavo, Takeoff and Offset. As of today, the song has over 84 million views on YouTube.

8. Bodak Yellow (Money Moves) by Cardi B

Cardi B track “Bodak Yellow” which is a track in his album Bloody Mary EP was written by Cardia B herself and released on June 16 2017.The song talks about Cardi past life as a striper and how she has solidified her legitimacy in the rap industry and in addition she pays homage to Florida rapper Kodak Black.

7. Bank Account by 21 Savage

This is among the top hits by 21 Savage so far today. “Bank Account” track is about 21 Savage rapping about his wealth among other things. The song was released on July 7th 2017 and written by Metro Boomin and 21 Savage himself. The video has around 3 million views on YouTube.

6. Mask Off by Future

The FUTURE has yet another rap song that has already been nominated in MTV Video Music Award for Best Editing. The track theme revolves around Future’s past from a life of trapping to living in riches or rather “rags to riches”. As of today, “Mask Off”, has been Future’s highest charting single ever and it’s the highest charting song on the album and since its release it has been on top 10 Billboard Hot 100. The song which has been certified twice Platinum by RIAA has over 100 million views on YouTube.

5. XO TOUR Llif3 by Lil Uzi Vert

This is one of the best songs from Uziwho we can generally say he is on his way to become the most ubiquitous voices in rap and it talks about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Brittnay Byrdwhom the y broke up in June 2016. The theme of the song dwells on matters of substance abuse among other topics such as betrayal and suicide. The song has been on top Billboard Hot 100 top 10 songs for some weeks and so far, this is the highest charting single as a solo artist. Today the song has over 200 million views on Youtube.

4. Humble by Kendrick Lamar

The song by Kendrick Lamar features in our top 10 best rap songs in 2017 taking on the position. The song has a concept of humility and from a religious perspective reference James 4:7. after its release the song hit No 2 on Billboard Hot 100 and broke the record for being one of the highest debuting hip-hop single and the highest charting song for Kendrick. ”humble” for 15 weeks it has been on top 10 Billboard Hot 100 and as of today the song has over 200 million YouTube Views. The song has been nominated in MTV Video Music Award for Video of the year , MTV Video Music Award for best Hip-Hop song of the year among other several MTV award nominations.

3. Congratulations by Post Malone Featuring Quavo

Our third top rap song in 2017 is “congratulations which is dedicated in celebration of success which is as a result of the hard work input and patience. Post Malone debuted the song back in 2016 though it was officially released in May 9 2017. The song is written by Louis Bell, Leland Wayne, Austin Post, Quavious Marshall and Adam Feeney. upon its release, it picked number 8 in US Billboard Hot 100 making it highest peaking single on the chart and recently it was certified platinum by RIAA. Today the song has over 300 million views on YouTube.

2. Unforgettable by French Montana Featuring Swae Lee

The song was initially released in 2016 November but after being remixed and mastered it was officially released as an official single in April 7 2017 with some changes such as Jeremih bridge being removed and being replaced by Swae Lee and the French. The song was certified platinum in June 20 2017 and as of today the song has reached top 10 in all charts including UK and Billboard making Swae Lee’s first song as a solo artist and French as a lead artist to get there. This song music video was shot in Kampala Uganda featuring the Ugandan young dancers known as Ghetto kids. The song video has over 220 million views on YouTube today.

1. I’m The One by DJ Khaled Featuring Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne

Our top most rap song of the month is “I’m The One” by DJ Khaled featuring a star-studded line-up of artists such as Chancellor Johnathan Bennett (Chance The Rapper), (Quavious Keyate Marshall) Quavo, Justin Bieber and the great Lil Wayne. The song is about boasting to the women who are in their lives that “they are the only one” for them. This song which is a hit is DJ Khaled second single from his 2017 album Grateful putting in mind that he released “shining” in February. Upon its release, the song debuted at No 1 on Billboard Hot 100 chart and in the UK Official Singles Chart. For Khaled, this is the first song to debut at No 1 on Hot 100 in 2017 but to Biebers this the second one. When the song was released its first 24 hours it had received more than 11 million views but today the song has over 500 million views. The song has been nominated for MTV Video music awards For best Hip-Hop Video and Teen Choice Award for choice R&B/Hiphop Song.

These are the top 10 best Rap songs in 2017 in the Billboard Hot 100 list. If you are an aspiring individual who thinks he or she is good in rapping, just don’t shy away from your talent if can take you out of rags and place you on top of the world.

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