Top 10 Best Rock Songs Right Now

Rock music has its origin in the united states around 1940, s and 1950, s. Over the years this genre together with its sub categories has received the lion’s share of criticism and its slowly being pushed to the background by these pop songs that are being played in every store, club, radio station and generally everywhere.

top 10 new rock songs 2018

Surprisingly irrespective of the people drifting to mainstream music still the genre lives on in the souls of those rock funs that usually prefer the heart and pure devolution that is put into metal and rock music.

Here are the top 10 best rock songs in 2017 that will help you see rock and metal is more than just screaming emos.

10. American Dreams by Papa Roach

Released on April 21, 2017 “American Dream” is one of the biggest rock songs in 2017. The song was made by an American Rock Band Papa Roach and it’s their fifth song from the Crooked Teeth album and upon its release it debuted to Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs chart 2017 at position twelve. The song expresses some doubts and disadvantages in the notion of “The American Dream”. Today the song has around 800 thousand views on YouTube.

9. Highway Tune by Greta Van Fleet

“Highway Tune” was released on March 30th 2017 and currently it’s one of the biggest rock songs in all rock charts in 2017. The song was written American hard rock band “Greta Van Fleet and its one of the songs in their Album titled Black Smoke Rising which also contains songs such as “Safari song”, “Black Smoke Rising” and “Flower Power”. As of today, the song has 1.3 million views on YouTube.

8. Heavy by Linkin Park Featuring Kiiara

“Heavy’ is the sixth song from the album One More Light by American Rock band Linkin Park. The song was released on February 16, 2017 and it features the vocals of Kiiara. The song revolves around the emotional weight of fixating on oneself and the song was as a result of conversations between the band members on the frustration and troubles in their own lives which much of it are self-inflicting. On chart performance, the song made it to position 52 in the US Billboard Hot 100, slid down to 82 but on August the song has re-entered the chart again. Today the song has more than 68 million views on YouTube.

7. Thunder by Imagine Dragons

Released on April 27 2017, “Thunder” is the second single released by the American rock band Imagine Dragons in their third album Evolve. The song is about not conforming to the society’s standards. On Chart performance although “Thunder” dint debut to Billboard Hot 100 on high note it made it to the top ten in many countries charts such as Germany, Italy, UK, Australia, Belgium, Sweden, among other countries. “Thunder” official video has 114 million views on YouTube.

6. The Violence by Rise Against

The Rise Against are back again with a new track “The Violence” which is a song in their album Wolves. The punk rock anthem was released on April 2017 and as of today the single has become one of the outstanding rock songs in the world an opinion based on chart and commercial performance. The song on YouTube has around 2.5 million views on YouTube.

5. Feel It Still by Portugal. The Man

The second single from the eighth album of the American band Portugal. The Man, Woodstock “Feel It Still” is among the best rock songs in this 2017. The song on charts did well as it debuted at position 1 on the Billboard Adult Alternative songs, Billboard Alternative Songs chart and made it to position 30 on the Billboard Hot 100. On YouTube, the song has around 13 million views.

4. Song #3 by Stone Sour

Song# 3 is one of the leading singles from Stone Sour sixth album Hydrograd. The song was released on April 27, 2017 and it’s about passionate strong relentless love which as an unknown outcome. On YouTube, the song has around 4.9 million views.

3. Lights Out by Royal Blood

Among the best rock hits this year is “Lights out” by the hard rock band Royal Blood. The song was released on April 13 2017 and it’s the second song in the How Did We get So Dark studio album. “Lights Out” is a song that describes a gentleman who is deeply in love with this woman but unfortunately the woman doesn’t love him back on the same measure. When the woman decides to leave the gentleman pretends he doesn’t care and acts like it so he lies about his feelings towards her. The song has 6 million views on YouTube.

2. Run by Foo Fighters

Foo fighters are back again with “Run” from their ninth studio album Concrete and Gold. The song was released June 1 2017 and as of today it has already topped the, UK Rock and Metal official charts, US Billboard Mainstream Rock Songs, and made it to top ten in most rock charts in various countries. On YouTube, the song has around 13 million views.

1. Believer by Imagine Dragons

“Believer” which was released on February 1 2017 as the lead song in Evolve album by the rock band Imagine Dragons is our number rock song in 2017.The song talks about how one should embrace pain and using it as a instrument of personal growth. Commercially the song made it to position 1 in Billboard Hot rock songs, Canada Alternative Rock Chart, Rock Airplay, rock Digital sales, Position 4 on billboard Hot 100, and made it in top 10 charts in over 30 countries. In addition, the song has already been certified 2× Platinum in Sweden, 3× Platinum in Italy and Canada, Gold in Belgium France and Germany. The song on YouTube has around 170 million views.

These are the top 10 best rock songs in 2017 in the world today. They have been selected from various charts among them Billboard, UK singles, Canadian Hot 100, official German charts, US mainstream Top 40 among other dozens of charts. If you’re looking for a rock playlist then this is the best place to start with.

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