Top 10 Best Summer Songs Right Now

If there is a particular season people hate its winter it’s just boring, spring is pretty fun but when we get to summer it’s the super season where people have fun, laugh more and enjoy each and every day. This is the season where leisure is a priority and fun becomes an important activity.

top 10 best summer songs 2018
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With all the fun involved and the fact that there is no school you need a comprehensive list of the best summer hits to tune to while driving down that road to the beach.

Here is a comprehensive list of the top 10 best summer songs 2017 across all genres.

10. “Human” – Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

Rag’n’Bone Man released the song on July 2016 and even today the song has found its way in the top 10 best summer songs in 2017-2018. ”Human” which is the lead song in his debut album Humans dint do so well commercially but did well in UK singles chart, and as of today it has already sold more than 1.2 million copies. The song talks about how humans are unable to do everything in a perfect way, the weak link in humans and how difficult humans express and resolve issues. The song has so far received 337 million views on YouTube.

9. “Shape of You” – Ed Sheeran

Released on 6th January 2017 “shape of You” has made it to be among the top summer songs in 2017. “Shape of You” is among the lead singles in his ÷ (2017) album. On chart performance, the song peaked the top position in charts in more than 40 different countries including UK singles Chart, Canada Hot 100, US Billboard Hot 100. The song even set a record for itself for being the second most streamed song on Spotify and among the 4 legendary songs with more than a billion Views on Spotify site. As of today, the song has 2 billion YouTube views.

8. “Despacito” – Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee ft. Justin Bieber

My list would be totally incomplete without the inclusion of Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber song “Despacito”. The song was released on January 2017 though the remix which features Justin Bieber released on April 2017. The song has performed exemplary well both in charts and commercially as it topped all major charts in the world and even ranked Daddy Yankee as the most listened musician on Spotify. The song has already received more than 3 billion views on YouTube to date.

7. “Bad Liar” – Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez released “Bad Liar on May 18 2017 and as of today the song has become one of the favorites in many countries charts. She co-wrote the song with Justin Tranter, and Julia Michaels. The song is about trying to hide that magical feelings, emotions for someone new but being unable date the song has already been certified silver in UK, Platinum in Australia and Canada. As of today, the song has been able to receive 139 million views on YouTube.

6. “I’m the One” – DJ Khaled featuring Justin Bieber, Chance The Rapper, Quavious Keyate Marshall ( Quavo ) , rapper Lil Wayne.

Released on April 28 2017 “I’m the One” is DJ Khaled’s second single from his 2017 album Grateful. The song is about bosting to the women in these men’s life that they are the only ones for them. “I’m the One” has gone in history books as the second hip hop genre song to have debuted to position one in Billboard Hot 100 since Eminem’s 2010 “Not Afraid”. Commercially the song has performed well as it has already been certified 3x in Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia twice. On YouTube, the song has over 500 million views.

5. “Feels” – Calvin Harris, ft. Pharrell Williams, Katy Perry & Big Sean

The song was released on June 17 2017 by Calvis Harris featuring the vocals of Kate Perry, big Sean and Pharrell Williams and it’s among the best summer tracks in 2017.on chart performance it made it in top 10 charts across man countries and commercially it has already been certified Gold platinum and silver. On YouTube, the song has over 105 million views.

4. Major Lazer — “Know No Better” ft. Travis Scott, Quavo, Camila Cabello

This is a track by Major Lazer which was released on June 1 2017. It’s one of the songs in their album Music is the Weapon 2017. The song features rappers Quavo and Travis Scott and the Cuban artist Camiila Cabello. As of today, the song has already been certified Gold in Italy and received over 45 million views on YouTube.

3. Playboi Carti — “Magnolia”

“Magnolia” is the most popular song for Playboi Carti and he released on June 13 2017.its the third single from his mixtape Palyboi Carti 2017. The song has been classified as one of the best summer hits and as of today it has already received Platinum Certification by RIAA. On charts, it peaked up position 29 in US Billboard Hot 100, position 11 in US Hot R&B/Hip Hop Songs and position 52 in Canada Hot 100. “Magnolia” has 20 million views on YouTube.

2. Drake — “Passionfruit”

One of the best summer songs to listen to is “Passionfruit” by Drake. The song was released officially on 28th march 2017. The song details a story of how drake can’t be able to be able to be faithful nor trustworthy in a long-distance relationship and the message is directed to this particular woman who drake advices to put an end to the relationship. Commercially “passionfruit” made it to top ten charts in most countries around the world and as of today it has around 7 million views on YouTube.

1. Kendrick Lamar — “HUMBLE.”

Our number one selection on top summer hits is “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar. The song was released just recently on 30th June 2017 and quickly debuted to Billboard Hot 100 position one. This song dwells on the theme of God, personal growth and some aspect of religion. Across other charts it peaked up the top position in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Swedes, Mexico, Italy and other international countries. The song has already been nominated in a couple of MTV awards and as of today the YouTube video has around 250 million views

These are the most popular top 10 summer songs 2017 across all genres in the world today. For those who have no work to do and just want to have a game drive, road trip or some fun in the beach why don’t you try the above summer songs .

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